A Little Corner of Beauty

I love how a plan all comes together!  I love when people come together for a plan even more!

We Interfaith Green Partners met at Deer Grove for a light picnic and then a tour of some of the most breathtaking prairie I have ever seen.

Bees love these!

We were given an introduction  and historical background by one of the stewards.  A lot of hard work and many years went into restoring Deer Grove. When I said that I was eager to know all the names of the plants, I was  handed a field book and told to have at it.  It was all in good humor; I ended my walk with him and he gave me the Latin names of the plants.

We broke off in two groups when it was time to go out in the field.  My group took a very long time because we kept pointing to almost each and every flower or plant and asking our guide “What’s that?”  He gave us the common name of the plant and some facts.  Even when we weren’t asking, our guide stopped to tell us about a plant he thought would be interesting to talk about.  Believe me, all the plants were interesting.


Our guide is in the background of this photo.

Then we saw something so spectacular!  There was a small, shallow pond with cranes, egrets, blue herons, and ducks.  I was confirmed that bird migratory patterns are changing.


I wish you could see what we saw.

Being out among native plants did my soul a world of good.



Adventures in Kombucha

I went to a fermentation workshop in March and got interested in preparing my own kombucha.  I did some research and now I’m wondering if brewing my own is such a good idea.

The SCOBY looks really, really disgusting and the brewing process takes a lot of sugar.  I haven’t used sugar at all for the past ten years (not even in cooking).  I  use honey.  I understand that to make jun is a lot harder to do.  I copied a photo from a Google site:


Anything once is worth a try to improve health.

I received a mother SCOBY from a friend and now I have two gallons brewing on my kitchen counter.  At the very least it should taste good in about four days.  At the worst I’ll discover that my experiment is not a good one.